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New Arrivals: Fall Winter 2023

Welcome to Alessandra Rich Alessandra Rich


The Alessandra Rich Autumn Winter ’23 collection ‘Fine & Rare’ speaks about a sophisticated woman, who stays confident and assertive, even under pressure.

She doesn't overthink, speaks in a smooth tone and always has the perfect dress.

She knows how to lead a conversation and how to leave the party with her smudged eyeliner. Seductive, strong and inspiring, she is daring and elegant at the same time.

Her wardrobe is essential: long dresses, micro tailleurs, lace and lace again. The principal aesthetic of this collection is the dichotomy between strong tailoring and lingerie, and feminine silhouettes in contrast with classic suits. The prints are essential and sometimes severe, and the final result is a naive elegance designed for a grown up taste. Sweetly provocative in her lingerie pieces in silk embellished with feathers, she knows how to keep a secret and how to release a dream. Wearing fluffy shrunken knits in pastel colours and blacks, she is flirty in her black hold ups, flawless in her white socks. Filled with ribbons and stars, she is tense and beautiful to behold, as a tight bow.

In this collection you will find the essence of Alessandra Rich: fine and rare, as the glimmer of a comet in the sky.